Rev 2436

For the beta test. Do not forget to mention your computer system if it might be relevant
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Rev 2436

Post by Michael »

new in 2436

HELI-X remembers now the last loaded scene (and a small bug fixed).
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Re: Rev 2436

Post by jonny »

When i am in Vr mode, there are a box in the center of the screen that the mouse cant enter.
So as an example, if you go into configuration->controller config, you cant enter "buttons" menu.
But you can drag the "controller" window to the left or right, and then you can move the mouse over, and press the buttons menu.
So this is related to a area on the screen, not the window itself.
This is also apparant in other menus.

Also, if you fly the "Gaui_X7_night", the blades is a gray, non transparant disc when spinning.
Changing the slider in the "rotor transparancy" meny has no effect for this helicopter.
this issue is in both vr and normal mode.

Also, is there a way to adjust the height of the camera when using vr? I feel like i am really low.
Even better would be if camera would follow my head movement up and down.
As if i were sitting, and decided to stand up, it would be nice if this reflected in the simulator.

In the 3d field "plane flying field", there is a green "hill" in the background that moves when the camera rotates.
Visible in normal mode, and easy visible in vr mode.

Also, if i enter fpv mode, even if i have set the camera to "pilot view", i see the craft from behind.
This is in normal mode, i have not been able to enter fpv mode when in vr mode.

i use a mikado vcontrol touch with ip plugin, and often (but not always) when i start the game, i get a window saying the controller is not configured.
However the vcontrol is already configured, and if i select to configure it later it works as it should.
I suspect the reason is that sometimes the vcontrol is registering to late, and i have not configured another controller.
but it would be nice if this window dissapeared the moment a configured vcontrol was detected.

if i go to "simulation -> scene selection -> fpv race", i always get a black screen. it does not load the scene.

Is there a way to collect logs if i experence that the game freezes or other issues appear?
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