Rev 2447

For the beta test. Do not forget to mention your computer system if it might be relevant
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Rev 2447

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is it possible to implement this:

* Add a function "Play/stop video" to the button assignments (section: record/play). This would allow to record and play from the transmitter only.
* If using the functions: more light/less light from a transmitter button, each press of the button changes the brightness a lot. Could that be reduced so that one has to stay longer on the button to achieve a certain change in brightness?
* If online and you click on "show only on changes": Currently you have to close the window manually the first time and after the window pops up after a change. I think the intention of the user (and me) is that the window disappears (for example after 10 seconds of displaying new info) to have the screen 'clean'.
* Add start/stop training to the transmitter button assignments.

This would be so great

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