Heli-X 7 : Full screen not working

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Heli-X 7 : Full screen not working

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In windowed mode, only up to 1024x720 is available.
OpenGL Fullscreen display mode show a list, including:
1680x1050 - 1bit 50Hz
1680x1050 - 1bit 51Hz
...and some lower resolutions.
When selecting full screen, i get:
Uncaught exception thrown in thread[jME3 main6, main]
RuntimeExceptopn: Unable to find fullscreen display mode matching settings

A bit confusing, Heli-X starts up after this error without an airport or heli loaded: black screen.

Ubuntu 16.04, Geforce GTX 960, 1680x1080 60Hz monitor, Nvidia driver 384.111
Works fine on Heli-X 6.1
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